Essence Patient Solutions is a direct-to-patient, through provider, connectivity and activation platform revolutionizing healthcare integration for the life sciences industry.

We assist life science companies in closing care gaps at scale by leveraging our extensive network of payers, providers, and pharmacies, with access to over 195 million unique patient lives. Our programs precisely identify your target patients and their treating providers through direct claims and health records, and deliver educational activation messages directly to them in the voice of their trusted healthcare provider. In a short span, our programs have effectively addressed millions of care gaps across multiple therapeutic areas, marking the beginning of an innovative journey in healthcare advancement.

At Essence, we believe that cross industry collaborations and business innovation are critical to deliver improved care for patients and drive down associated costs.  Our vision is to create healthcare marketplace collaborations between life science organizations, healthcare payers, providers, care managers, care givers, patients and non-traditional partners to accomplish this.

The Essence network data set includes 195M Unique Patients, 150+ Health Plans including 25 of the top 25), 330+ health systems, 37K+ pharmacies, and 1M providers.

Essence works as the conduit between life science organizations and the broader health ecosystem which includes health plans, healthcare systems, pharmacies, healthcare providers and patients; all working together towards our common goal of delivering improved patient care.


At its core, Essence Patient Solutions is a direct-to-patient, through provider, connectivity and activation platform.

We deliver personalized, targeted care gap closure programs, at scale. We work together with you to identify YOUR target patients and deliver educational programs directly to them and their treating providers in the trusted voice of their Payer, health system and/or pharmacy to get them to take the required action. This means all communications to patients come not directly from you, but from the voice of their trusted healthcare provider on your behalf.

Our programs orchestrate meaningful encounters between your patients and their treating providers utilizing your message, delivered through the voice of their trusted provider of care.

We also work to position your company naturally in the health ecosystem’s workflow of patients, providers, payers, and pharmacies and help you grow your business by aligning commercial goals directly with the patient care gaps they are intended to address. Our guideline-based solutions are tightly aligned with the nation’s leading quality measures, such as HEDIS, and Medicare Advantage and Part D STAR ratings, ensuring congruency with provider system and payer needs.


We do this by orchestrating meaningful encounters between your target patient and their treating provider to get patients to take the desired action.


Our team is a diverse group of individuals with deep experience in life sciences, healthcare, and patient care to ensure we can understand and meet the business needs of our clients to fullest.

Diverse background of healthcare executives and professionals with deep expertise in managing healthcare organizations and with the delivery management of patient care

Team of data scientists with life science, clinical, and healthcare expertise to help you address key business questions leveraging a vast data base of over 324M unique patients

diverse background of medical professionals with experience in caring for and treating patients across various points in the patient journey

Accomplished group of life sciences professionals with experience in marketing, sales, innovation, medical affairs, and managed markets

Business strategy partners and consultants with deep expertise in business strategy development and execution as your organization ventures into new space