Keeping the patient at the heart of what we do, Essence Patient Solutions provides innovative value-based solutions for life science organizations, utilizing actionable real-world data. By leveraging the scale, patient and provider access, and data capabilities of market partners across payer and provider markets, our clients have access to our network of over 150 million active patients. The execution of our digital health solutions allows clients to identify, engage, and activate the right patients and their respective HCPs. 

We are committed to partnering with Life Science Companies to drive commercial and clinical trial effectiveness through the execution of digital health solutions that address areas of need impacting our communities in vaccines, neurology, immunology, metabolic, respiratory and cardiac disease, as well as oncology and hematology. Our clients are able to leverage reliable, actionable and accessible data to make informed decision across their commercial and clinical businesses improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and execution of their programs. Our solutions allow for target patient segmentation and activation at a national scale. 

Essence’s digital health solutions aim to improve the quality of care to patients and reduce the burden of disease on them and their loved ones by empowering patients to be active participants in their health through knowledge and education.  

Our digital health solutions enable you to:


identify patients

​through precision targeting to find the right
patient population for your commercial and
clinical trial programs

identify providers

aligned to targeted patients to help drive awareness on addressable gaps of care or undiagnosed conditions

identify systems


activate patients

​through omni-channel communication strategies
originating directly from their payer or health
systems in their primary language

activate providers

and their care team with notifications on patient
care gaps to be addressed and potential conditions
to be diagnosed

​activate payers

​through our partners with a demonstrated track
record of success in working with payer networks


grow your market

through identifying and executing programs and
opportunities to address gaps in care and driving
proper diagnosis

grow your knowledge

​through actionable micro-targeted RWD to make informed decisions on sales and marketing programs

grow your impact

​make a difference in the lives of patients and their families by supporting them to improve their health outcomes and quality of life

grow through execution

the Essence difference is the ability to not only develop solutions to address business needs, but to execute those solutions with proven results


Essence Patient Solutions offers commercial digital health solutions to partner with you to identify, engage and empower patients and their respective providers.

Targeted immunization patient outreach and activation solution.

Primary care disease patient identification and activation solution.

Our Commercial Solution Capabilities help you identify and engage both target patients and their providers. Learn more about our commercial solution capabilities.