The essence difference

Direct-to-patient precision targeting

Even the most well-orchestrated and well-funded direct-to-consumer efforts still face the same challenges they have had for decades. “How do I know if I am reaching and engaging our target patients? And how do I know when I do reach and engage them that they are indeed acting on the desired action?”

Essence Patient Solutions provides you with a direct and meaningful way to identify your specific target patients, and send them messages, although sponsored by you, are delivered in the trusted voice of their health plan, healthcare system, and/or pharmacy.

Instead of using broader targeting parameters such as demographics, psychographics, and behavior traits, why not use diagnostic codes, procedure codes and prescription data directly from the patients claims and medical records? That way instead of identifying personas, you can identify Patricia.

Imagine being able to identify a cohort of patients based on their treatment history, number of trials of drugs, screening status, or history of compliance?

And unlike traditional direct-to-consumer efforts, Essence Patient Solutions has the ability to identify the patient’s treating physician through the patient, and not the other way around.

We can then triangulate messaging tactics to orchestrate a meaningful encounter between both parties and address identified care gaps.

Orchestration of meaningful patient-provider encounters

Essence Patient Solutions bespoke programs are all designed to address care-gaps in our population. We do that by orchestrating meaningful patient-provide encounters.

We begin by using medical claims and records to identify patients with care gaps who could benefit from a procedure and/or therapy, are condition suspect, or not being treated according to standards of care. If desired, we can then identify their corresponding treating physician using those same records.

Based on your program needs, we will work with you to craft the optimal communication plan and sequence, but although sponsored by you, your educational message is delivered to the patients and providers in the trusted voice of the corresponding health plan, system or pharmacy. This ensures superior engagement and activation rates.

We track the number of successful encounters and report them back to you. You will have access to data that will tell a distinct patient journey from engagement, to activation, action and outcome.

Direct Result Measurement

What makes Essence Patient Solutions programs different is that they encapsulate the entire journey of both the targeted patient and their corresponding treating physician. Therefore, we can capture data at each point of contact, from initial identification of the targeted cohort to outreach, engagement, activation, action, and, of course, outcome. No chapters missing.

We refer to this as a 1:1 indicator of performance. This provides you with a direct measurement of the success of your program. There is no need to take our data and correlate it with any other third party or prescription data.

This means you won’t need to facilitate any data interface agreements to get the entire patient story. No data architecture is required.
Data fidelity is paramount for you to confidently inform business decisions. Unlike other partners, we do not provide data from our platform. We provide it to you aggregated and deidentified directly from the source: claims records, medical records, and/or prescription data. There is no risk of manipulation or collation errors.

Our partners are industry-leading companies in the healthcare delivery marketplace. They are pre-vetted and uphold the highest standard of patient privacy, satisfying your most stringent requirements.

We can tailor your reporting to fit your commercial needs and provide data at intervals that align with the cadence of your reporting cycle.

You will be able to evaluate our data set by myriad parameters found within the claims, medical, and/or prescription records.

Proven Success and Execution

In a short span, our programs have effectively addressed millions of care gaps across multiple therapeutic areas, having an undeniable impact on patient care. We have orchestrated over 5 million meaningful encounters between our clients’ target patients and their treating providers.





Network and Scale

Our carefully procured network provides you unprecedented access into the healthcare ecosystem at scale. And although this means you have access to over 150 health plans, 545K Healthcare Systems, and 35-40K specialty and retail pharmacies, you only need to work with us. This means launching and maintaining programs is simple, efficient, and requires low commercial team bandwidth.

Through our network you will have access to over 195M unique patient lives, along with their corresponding treating physicians.

Our over 150 health plan partners include 5 of the top 5, and 25 of the top 25, based on number of patient lives covered. These include both national and regional payers in all lines of business, including government and employer plans.

Our over 545K healthcare system and clinical facility partners include both large regional and local IDNs, giving you the ability to conduct precision geographically fenced programs.

Through our expansive pharmacy network, including many independent, mail order and health system pharmacies, we can design and implement point of care programs at the national, regional, and local levels.

The nature of how we design your bespoke programs allows us to increase the scale/reach very efficiently upon exceeding pilot goals.

One-stop shop

With our vast network of healthcare ecosystem stakeholders, and experience, Essence serves as your solution architect to help you design and execute the optimal program to meet your goals and objectives. We work together to help design the programs that will have the greatest impact be it across payers, health systems, pharmacies, or any combination of the three.

We create bespoke solutions aligned to your brand needs that connect you to your patients in the voice of their trusted healthcare provider. Whether your focus is a geographic location, a payer, health system or pharmacy program, Essence is your one partner for all.

Not only do we help you design the most impactful programs aligned to your goals, we make it easy for you by streamlining your efforts and carrying the majority of the lift. This allows you and your teams to  focus your time on other priorities.

Conduit for network management

Single point of contact & contract

Low commercial team bandwidth required

Speed of execution

Low peripheral investment

Low MLR lift